Kathie Campbell Greer

Kathie Campbell Greer is a native Texan, born in the southern part of the Panhandle, but her father's work in construction took them to a several homes, including a farm in northwestern Arkansas and a house overlooking California's Monterey Bay.


She was four-years-old when Paralytic Polio struck. She recovered and learned to walk again, but her right leg was robbed of strength. Books became the friends who never had to wait for her to catch up. They were companions and comforters. By the time she was entering high school in Amarillo, extensive surgeries and long term physical therapy had made her legs as "normal" as possible. She began making up for lost time, engaging in every sport and physical activity possible.


But words and books never lost their importance. She wrote poems, stories and simple plays in elementary. English, particularly literature, was her focus at West Texas State University. She was assistant editor for the English Departments annual student publication of creative writing, photography snd art. Freelance writing projects helped finance her education.


Kathie's career included writing and editing corporate publications, marketing, public relations, photography, and serving as spokesperson. She was an opinion writer, investigative reporter and an award-winning columnist for the Amarillo Daily News. Never one to shun an opportunity for adventure, Kathie traveled all across the United States and into Canada as a professional truck driver. When her father raised objections about wasting her education driving a truck, she smiled and told him she was doing research for a book and that immediately changed his perspective.


Kathie never wanted her physical challenge to be an excuse for what she couldn't do.  She played basketball in three states under three different sets of rules. Baseball introduced her to new friends when the family moved. She played, coached and umpired competitive softball as an adult. She also coached kids' track and softball teams. Other adventurous activities included snow skiing, riding and showing her Quarterhorse mare, white water rafting, hot-air ballooning, riding motorcycles, archery and snowmobiling.


After earning a master's degree in counseling, Kathie worked with victims of domestic abuse. She also did research and presentations to the Texas Counseling Association that focused on grandparents as custodial caretakers.


Officially retired, Kathie stays busy watching grandsons play baseball and football. She continues to enjoy camping and fishing with her family and travels wherever and whenever she can.