Sliding for Home by Kathie Campbell Greer is written for readers in grade 4-7. Check out her author page for more information about this extraordinary author and a book your middle-age readers are sure to love.




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An Unexamined Life by Russell Long

Available in paperback and ebook formats everywhere.

Book Launch NOVEMBER 20 Neal Landrum, a successful New York businessman, learns at his annual physical that he—a former college athlete who has always enjoyed good health—has a fatal, untreatable disease. He not only must face this fact, but he has to make major decisions about how best to spend his final months.

Inherit the Texas Earth by Vicki Schoen

Willy Gil Kellogg thinks he has inherited the most wonderful gift in the world, Gramps's farm. But the next year, the decade-long drought that begot the Dust Bowl began, raping the land he loved and testing his perseverance, his loyalty, and his manhood.