I was eight-years old the year I found a Kodak Brownie camera under the Christmas tree. I used it to document trips, family gatherings and other events and objects I wanted to preserve.


As a young adult I purchased a Canon AE1. It was my constant companion-- a tool for work as a writer and eventual editor of the company magazine. My best friend and I enrolled in photography classes together and I made use of the company's darkroom. My goal was to find new ways to record the standard "grip and grin" photos, and to creatively capture the workers and machinery that provided electricity to consumers across
a 28,000-square- mile territory.


More and more often, my camera became an extension of myself.
These days I've moved on to a digital camera. I continue to be intrigued by faces and expressions, and I am captivated by all aspects of the natural world. Black and white photos still fascinate me. I love the subtleties of light and shadow.


Writing for me has always been an exercise in creating pictures with words. Sometimes it's good to capture images that give birth to ideas that turn themselves into the words of stories.