How Brave Would You Be?

Well, PT, our somewhat fearful leader is at it again. This time he’s attacking Carmen Yulin Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory acquired as a result of the Spanish American War, was devastated by Hurricane Maria on September 20—almost two weeks ago. It took a few days for images of the wreckage to get to the public. What we finally saw was heartbreaking and shocking. Even more shocking, though, was the delay in getting relief to the island.

Yes, it is an island and, yes, it is surrounded by water which presents logistical obstacles. But while the already beleaguered electrical system on the island might be slower than other areas in completion of needed repairs, excuses cannot be made for slow responses to life and death necessities like food, water and medicine.

Cruz, who has been seen navigating waist-high waters in door-to- door efforts to ascertain the well-being of her neighbors in San Juan, has been vocal and emotional about the plight of her city and the island. She was particularly offended by comments made by acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke last Friday. Duke expressed her satisfaction with the government’s response and referred to the limited number of lives lost—16 by my last count—as a “good news story.”

The San Juan mayor said it was not a “good news story, but a life-and- death story” in her plea for speedier and more comprehensive actions. Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, appointed just last Thursday to oversee the military’s involvement, seems to agree. He said he has 10,000 troops there, but needs more.

As usual, the Donald responded via Twitter. From his golf club in New Jersey on Saturday, he blamed her criticism on the Democrats saying they had told her to be “nasty” to him. He also called her a “poor leader” and said that Puerto Ricans wanted “everything to be done for them.” The question must be asked: How productive would you be, PT, in the wake of a life shattering, traumatic event that left you without food, water, shelter, medicine, transportation, lights or flushing toilets? Do you think you could lead, if you were unable to Tweet?