Let's take a Vote

"It's like shoveling sand against the tide," my mom used to say about tasks that were doomed to failure.

That's how I feel about housework.

Sure, I'm like every other southern-born and raised woman I know! We all want our houses and yards to look like a spread in Home & Garden. My main yardstick for perfection is still, "What would Mom say if she walked in right now?"

Well, on most days that's a completely depressing thought, so I'm reaching over now to erase that tape.

My mom, bless her soul, must have had undiagnosed ADHD. She'd invite me to stop by for coffee, but she was up cleaning it doing every thirty seconds. That made it awfully hard to connect. And that is a lingering sadness for me. I don't want to be guilty of not being present for my family or friends.

Let's check the vote:

  • Talk to the grandsons or do the dishes? Definitely the grandsons!

  • Run the sweeper or go grab coffee with a friend? Friend and caffeine win.

  • Clean the bathroom or go to a senior matinee at the movies? No contest! Movie!

  • Clean the bathroom or devote time to the novel? C'mon, writing is my divine calling!

  • Fold the laundry or take the dogs for a ride? Hmm, poor pups need a change of scenery, too.

The votes are all in and housekeeping is the clear loser. So, if you are offended by dust bunnies, a bit of clutter on the counters, a basket of unfolded laundry, then you might not be comfortable at my house. But if you need a cup of coffee, a broad shoulder, a non-judgmental ear, or reasons to laugh then come on by.