Following the Playbook

I'm not totally sure who wrote the "response to allegations of sexual assault" playbook. My suspicions are that it may be Republican advisor Steve Bannon. Or maybe he's only encouraging Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore to follow PT's well-established plan of action. Accusations surrounding Moore's misconduct have only recently been brought to light. For decades the former the Alabama judge's interest in girls under the legal age of consent have been buried under blankets of fear, shame and feelings of powerlessness. PT, on the other hand, has been dealing with women accusing him of unwelcome and unwanted advances for years. And they've been in the spotlight and under a microscope many times. Although PT has admitted his sexually aggressive nature more than once, his standard practice has been denial, accusation, blame and threats. Moore is following the same pattern: he denied any wrongdoing, even though acknowledging that he dated teenaged girls when he was in his thirties. Next he has accused the women of outright lying. He has blamed political opponents for the accusations. Now he's threatening lawsuits. This is exactly the methodology employed by PT. And it's worked pretty darn well for the Pervert-in-Chief. The Good Ol' Boy network, led by Bannon, is to a large degree standing staunchly by Moore. And that is a shame for multiple reasons. The biggest shame lies with those who continue to turn blind eyes to abuses of power and influence by those seeking to satisfy their sexual proclivities.