Actions Louder Than Words

In the wake of controversial comments credited to PT during a meeting on immigration last week, many elected representatives appear to be having memory issues.

Immediately after the meeting two of the Republican senators in the room couldn't remember what had been said. But by Sunday--after PT had issued a standard denial--they remembered he hadn't made the incendiary comments.

Allegedly, PT initially was quite pleased with his vulgar remarks disparaging an entire continent. But when negative reactions outed invfrom around the globe, he began backpedaling. He reasserted his claim that he is "the least racist person" we've ever seen.

To loosely paraphrase him, Bull Hockey!

It's his actions that define him--not just his words. He has a well-established history of racist remarks and behaviors. His treatment of minorities from New York to Mar-a-Lago is well documented. Evidence of his ties to white supremacists and his defense of them in the wake of Charlottesville is on record.

In spite of your entreaties to "believe" you, Mr. Trump, most of us don't.