Don't Get Distracted

A considerable amount of attention has been devoted to the semantics used in a meeting on immigration and members of the U.S. Senate. I find it interesting that memory problems seem to be particularly contagious on Capitol Hill.

But aside from a morbid curiosity (stemming from a collision of curiosity and common sense) about that malady and the semantics surrounding the exact expression of sentiments smacking of racism, our attention must not be diverted. Real issues are in the table.

The most significant is the future of the "Dreamers," young people brought illegally into the U.S. Closely aligned with the DACA legislation that will determine their fate is the need for Immigration Refirm and border security. We want to keep terrorists out, but we don't want to limit opportunities for people of any ethnicity or skin color who want to build a better life and simultaneously contribute to the betterment of America.

There is also the pressing issue of a potential government shutdown. Funding to continue operations has been linked to the spending bill. PT already is blaming Democrats for the crisis. But that's not fair.

The president needs to step forward and demonstrate strong leadership. He needs to ignore the "advisers" whispering in his ear and consider what is in the best interest of the nation.

So, let's move away from the high drama, semantical arguments and memory lapses. Let's ignore the distractions and insist that lawmakers do their jobs.

Congress is responsible for writing legislation. They need to work cooperatively and get it done. Then they need to send it to the president. 

If he fails to sign it, then the monkey is on his back.